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Mastering Basic to Intermediate Technical Analysis & Intraday Trading


4-6 Weeks


Rs. 11,999

About the Course

Intraday trading, from my perspective, is all about seizing opportunities in the stock market within the same trading day. It's like a fast-paced game where you buy and sell, aiming to make profits from short-term price movements. But let's be real—it's not always smooth sailing. It can be tricky and risky too. 

When we focus on learning the right methods and consistently apply them with discipline in our trading activities, we can witness a substantial improvement in performance. By staying committed to implementing what we've learned, we create the potential for significant positive shifts in our trading results. 

During the course, I'll share what I've learned from my own trading experiences. We'll start from the basics and move up to more advanced technical analysis, including guide for trading intraday. I'll also give you practical advice on how to handle your trades and keep the right attitude for successful trading. Let's get started!


Mode of lectures -

The mode of delivery for lectures will be conducted via Zoom meetings, facilitated through the provision of a dedicated Zoom link.


Course Perks -

1. Membership in Premium WhatsApp Group: Gain access to our exclusive WhatsApp group, where we implement our 'Trade a Day' method. Receive daily trade posts, analysis, and timely updates to stay informed and make informed decisions.

2. Complimentary Access to 'Trade a Day' Intraday Trading Strategy E-book: Enhance your trading knowledge with our comprehensive E-book.

3. Doubt Clearing Sessions: Participate in focused doubt clearing sessions.

4. Lifetime Support: Enjoy continuous support even after completing the course.


What you'll learn -

1. Basic Components

2. Candlesticks Explained

3. Only Candles to Trade

4. Basic Trend Analysis for Intraday

5. Advanced Support and Resistance

6. Overview Analysis

7. Intraday Price Analysis

8. Direction Identification

9. Range Identification

10. Support and Resistance Identification in Intraday

11. Strength and Weakness Analysis

12. Reversal Analysis

13. Fibonacci for Intraday Trading

14. Initiate the Positions

15. Type of Entries

16. Entry Zones

17. Target Stop-Loss Placement Guide

18. Advance Risk Management

19. Trade Management

20. Trading Rules

21. Trading Psychology Explained

22. Trailing Stop-Loss Methods

23. Performance Journal in Excel

24. Intraday Strategy Explained


What makes this course unique?

This course distinguishes itself by prioritizing practical knowledge derived directly from real trading experiences, rather than relying solely on theoretical principles found in books.

What makes us stand out is that we teach you straightforward methods that you can use right away. You'll see these methods in action during our live demonstrations, so you know they're practical and effective.

we keep it simple and show you what works in real markets. By the end of the course, you'll have the skills you need to trade confidently and successfully in intraday markets.


Download PDF • 16.80MB

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